Matching Algorithmus

Die 2011 gegründete holländische Firma PURE umfasst eine Reihe von “Personality-Matching-Services“, die alle auf denselben patentierten Algorithmus zurückgreifen. Der Matching-Algorithmus wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Wissenschaftlern der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam im Bereich der Organisations-Psychologie drei Jahre lang entwickelt und empirisch überprüft. Seit 2013 wird er im Rahmen von Personalauswahl-Prozessen in Holland erfolgreich eingesetzt.


Bei TWISE nutzen wir den PURE-Algorithmus als sogenannten „Plug-in“ in unserem Kandidatinnen- und Kandidaten-Auswahl-Prozess. Mittels eines international standardisierten Online-Fragenkatalogs überprüfen wir, inwiefern die Persönlichkeiten der Tandem-Partner*innen zueinander passen. Denn noch mehr als in einer klassisch hierarchischen Arbeits-Beziehung kommt es bei einem TWISE-Tandem darauf an, dass die persönliche Chemie stimmt.

Co-Gründerin und Co-Gründer

Sandra Been

Co-Founder PURE & Assistants

I am interested in people and their growth, both as individuals and as part of a team.

I believe that in a team there is tremendous room for growth for everyone if the collaboration is rooted in trust. Authenticity is key too. If trust and authenticity come together in a team, work becomes a way to express your true self. Add creativity to the mix and you’ll see any team venture outside the well-trodden path to discover new ways that add value to the organization and to society.

As for myself, I get up every day to look for the deepest motivations, for my own authentic me: Curious. Asking. Reading between the lines. Committed. Striving to inspire others. As PURE front woman and personnel recruiter, as an entrepreneur, as a coach, and most of all as a woman and mother.

Joris Blijenberg

Co-Founder PURE & CEO PURE Matching

I believe people and organizations function at their best if they work from their authenticity or pure purpose, which is why it makes sense to know your deepest motivations and principles. Then you can make a difference, because real change comes from inspiration, motivation - and a bit of fun!

I also strongly believe that given our world challenges it is not viable to focus on capital or ego, not even from a single business point of view. Instead it’s all about authenticity and how you give your business meaning. And from this mindset shift alone an automatic shift will follow in how we all do business: From increasing sales to adding value, and from chasing short-term profit to creating long-term economic value.

As for myself, - as an entrepreneur, chief “moving forward”, public speaker, brand expert, father, dog owner, and espresso lover ... :-) I am always looking for new insights in psychology of behavior and brand communication. To help me understand what is being said between the lines. And, thus, to find new ways to add sustainable value or to make a lasting difference - both inside and outside the organization.

Why we support TWISE

One of the many reasons we fell in love with TWISE is that we know from our own experience as co-founders of PURE how powerful and empowering it is to work as a tandem:

Every day we inspire each other to show up as our best version. We act as mirrors. We have each other’s back. We push each other to reach our full potential. We don’t allow the other to become stuck in a certain story or to be slowed down by other people’s judgment or expectations. In short, we are fiercely committed to letting each other grow and follow our own paths as individuals. Yet, our combined energy is what makes our work relationship special. With our unique backgrounds and personalities we activate and ignite a collective wisdom, that would not be unlocked otherwise.

For all of the above, we are excited that with TWISE more people will have the opportunity to benefit from a similar tandem experience.