Inner Circle Consultants

INNER CIRCLE CONSULTANTS is a leading international Executive Search and Board Advisory firm. We advise on the right choice of CEO, director and top-level executive. We offer all-round industry expertise and competence.

Nicola Sievers

Founder & Owner

We believe in bringing the right partners together and helping to forge successful lasting relationships. We believe in diversity, in empowerment, and in respect for every individual. And we enjoy being creative.

Why we support TWISE

When we were approached by TWISE, we immediately saw its game-changing potential for Germany’s outlook on diversity and productivity. For many years we have witnessed first-hand how broken the German female talent pipeline is. To fix this pipeline neither lip service public announcements nor an overall gender quota will do the job. What we need are practical solutions that help stabilize the careers of women from the middle management level upwards. So that we have a critical amount of female candidates for the executive and board level. TWISE is one solution that aims to do precisely that.