Group leader for „IT/OT Communication“ (f/m/d)

Siemens AG
Führungsposition in Teilzeit

We operate within the Factory Automation unit (DI FA) as a Pre-Development Department. Our primary role is to assist our business partners in modernizing our existing portfolio and to identify new business opportunities, an undertaking that involves the evaluation of emerging technologies and market trends. Balancing technological innovation with market viability, we recommend new elements to enhance our product range.

This specific position focuses on leading a group in Industrial Communication. You'll manage a team of about five in Germany and two in India, with the possibility of additional external members. The department as a whole consists of over 30 individuals who contribute to our broader objectives. This role will represent your initial foray into disciplinary management.

As the Group Leader for "IT/OT Communication" (fmd), you'll be responsible for steering the team toward impactful work areas. You'll collaborate with a team of expert professionals, and part of your role will include coaching to instill a business-oriented mindset. One of your key responsibilities will be to oversee continuous customer validations for projects and pre-development initiatives.

In summary, we're seeking a leader with both technological expertise and business savvy, focused on practical outcomes for shaping the future of production.

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